a humming oasis in the urban wilderness

Wild Daughter crafts boutique experiences that bring people together over artisan food and drink; communal affairs from intimate table settings to immersive events designed to foster connection and meaningful relationships between us and our surrounds, between you and your audience.

Combining her unrivalled hospitality experience with support from her vast network of hands-on industry professionals from chefs and mixologists to florists and foragers, designers and artists all kinds, she allows wildest ideas to unfold. Wild Daughter specialises in destination events - workshops and maker-days, urban and countryside feasts, intimate suppers and festival banquets, botanical cocktail bars & wild soda kiosks - imagination is limitless.

|| vision mapping

|| concept development

|| food & drink consultancy

|| story telling (offline and online)

|| event planning (from location search to final set up)

|| fit out & production (styling & design)

|| on-site event management

|| staffing


gifted with attention to detail, a personal, honest and hands-on approach to bringing visions alive