Wild Daughter aspires to inspire.

She offers design, food and drink consultancy, event production and project management services that bring together a thriving community of wild daughters wherever she goes.

eat. play. dream. connect.

Wild Daughter is a local wanderer, a story teller at heart. She brings to life innovative food and drink concepts, immersive events and magical table gatherings in unique locations for memories to last.

She is the response to the yearning for adventure and discovery driven by curiosity to explore the new. With attention to detail and an honest, hands-on approach she designs spaces and transforms places into unique food and drink destinations that actively stimulate the way hospitality is experienced, a creative and holistic approach to spacemaking and event production where natural design and handcraft are at the heart of the experience.

she is not bound to one location, a way of life - a sense of place and ceremony.

rich in imagination, a celebration of creativity, a travelling spirit bringing visions to life